E-Liquid Quality & Production Assurance….Guaranteed

Quality & Production Assurance….Guaranteed

We are proud to have partnered with a knowledgeable and experienced team with accreditations unrivalled in the global e-liquid market.


Our eliquid is formulated and manufactured in the UK and produced at a state of the art production facility nestled in the heart of the Swansea Valleys. The pharmaceutical packaging facility has held a MHRA GMP licence for over 15 years.


Consistency, quality & accuracy…. Guaranteed

Fully accredited ISO 7 clean room, every bottle weighed for accuracy, full batch documentation system in place – every batch document reviewed for correctness before release by quality control.


All eliquid ingredients have full traceability and are sourced and made in the UK with:

-          Flavours specifically developed for the electronic cigarette industry

-          Ingredients supplied with a full certification of analysis (COA)

-          European Pharmacopeia grade (EP)PG & VG – used within pharmaceutical & food industries

-          MHRA & FDA approved UK nicotine


The production facility is fully automated with GMP principles and practices in place, every batch produced is GC analysed for purity, nicotine concentration and known and unknown impurities. Analytical test methods are validated and verified in accordance with ICH Q2 (International Committee of Harmonisation) to ensure specificity, accuracy of detection precision of measurement.